G Suite 管理员基础

G Suite Administrator Fundamentals

This 15-30 hour accelerated one week course will leave you feeling confident to utilize the basic functions of the Admin Console to manage users, control access to services, configure common security settings, and much more.

Google Cloud




9 小时

  • 英语, 西班牙语
  • 300


G Suite Administrator Fundamentals serves as the starting place for any new G Suite admin as they begin their journey of managing and establishing G Suite best practices for their organization. This 15-30 hour accelerated one week course will leave you feeling confident to utilize the basic functions of the Admin Console to manage users, control access to services, configure common security settings, and much more.

Through a series of in-product training lessons, step-by-step hands-on exercises, and knowledge checks, learners can expect to leave this training with all of the skills they need to get started as G Suite administrators.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course participants will be able to:
• Describe the basic organizational benefits to using G Suite services for collaboration and technical deployment.
• Setup G Suite Accounts, and access and navigate the G Suite Admin Console.
• Provision and manage their G Suite users
• Add, use, and manage G Suite organizations
• Manage G Suite services such as Calendar, Gmail, and Drive
• Establish fundamental security practices
• Find help center resources and further resources to help guide the new admin after the training.


To get the most out of this training course, learners should be prepared to:
• Install and be ready to use the latest version of Chrome web browser available at https://www.google.com/chrome/
• Use an existing domain or purchase a new domain through a registrar such as Google, GoDaddy, enom, etc…




Google Services

Google Cloud Platform


You will be setting up your G Suite account and domain, and explore the Admin Console
2 个视频 (总计 7 分钟), 6 个阅读材料, 1 个测验

You'll learn about provisioning and managing users in your G Suite domain.
4 个视频 (总计 15 分钟), 21 个阅读材料, 6 个测验

This module will take you through managing the various services that are packaged with G Suite.
1 个视频 (总计 2 分钟), 28 个阅读材料, 6 个测验

This module will take you through a high level overview of security management in the Admin Console.
1 个视频 (总计 1 分钟), 9 个阅读材料, 1 个测验

This module will take you through some basic domain management best practices


What should I expect during this training course?

During this training course, you will be presented with a series of modules that will take you through the fundamental tools, features, and processes that you will use as a G Suite administrator. This course is meant to be an introduction to these tools. The modules in this course may have videos, exercises, links to in-product training, and helpful knowledge base links.

Do I need a G Suite Domain for this course?

Ensure that you are ready to sign up for your own G Suite Domain to start your admin journey. You are able to sign up for a free trial to use during this course. The free trial does have a limited time associated with it. Ensure that you have time to get through the course during your free trial. We will show you how to register and start your domain in the first lesson!

Do I need to install additional software?

Be ready to install our G Suite Training Chrome Extension in the same Chrome instance where you are access your G Suite Domain's Admin Console. You can find that extension by following this link. As you go through each module, each G Suite in-product lesson will be linked directly to you. We will walk you through these steps in the first lesson.

Where can I find additional G Suite help?

Access our G Suite Administrator Help Center (https://support.google.com/a/). Our G Suite Administrator Help Center is a our one-stop source of truth that you can utilize during this training and beyond as you get accustomed to being a new G Suite Admin.

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