Java 程序设计:使用软件解题

Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software

Part of a 5-course series, the Java Programming: An Introduction to Software Specialization



  • 分类: 计算机
  • 平台: Coursera
  • 语言: 英语


Building upon Duke’s Programming and the Web for Beginners Coursera course, you will grow in your ability to be a problem-solver, programmer, and software engineer by writing Java programs. We are excited that you’ve chosen to learn Java with us, and that you’ll be able to solve problems that you find interesting and useful by practicing a design process you’ll learn in this course.

By the end of this course, you will know how to solve real world problems by writing Java programs. Java concepts include basic control flow; object-oriented concepts including classes and methods; custom, open source classes; and a design, implement, debug process that you can continue to leverage as you build your experience with and knowledge of programming principles.

The custom, open-source classes will provide a consistent application programming interface (API) so that you can write programs that access and transform pictures/images, websites, comma separated values (CSV) and other data files using simple and accessible coding idioms built on the Java Iterable interface. You will learn to design, test, and debug programs and to find and read Java documentation that can serve as the basis for continued study of Java and programming.

After completing this course you will be able to:
1. Use conditionals and foreach loops appropriately in a Java program;
2. Edit, compile, and run a Java program;
3. Express in your words the behavior of a function from the Java API;
4. Determine if a function from the Java API can be used in solving a particular problem;
5. Debug a Java program using a form of the scientific method;
6. Develop a Java method to solve a specific problem;
7. Develop a set of test cases as part of developing a program;
8. Create a class with multiple methods, a default constructor, and no instance variables; and
9. Use divide-and-conquer design techniques for a program that uses more than one method.

Java 程序设计:使用软件解题 is course 2 of 5 in the Java Programming: An Introduction to Software Specialization.

This Specialization covers the fundamentals of software development, focusing on a beginner-level introduction to rigorous problem-solving approaches while still embracing and extending traditional methods of computer science and software engineering. You’ll explore foundational concepts such as algorithm development, data representation, and debugging, using common tools such as HTML/CSS, Javascript, and Java. In the final Capstone Project, you’ll apply the skills you learned by creating a working recommender system that can help users find and choose items, such as films, books, or restaurants. Google has contributed real-world projects and the involvement of its engineers as guest lecturers to these courses.


Owen Astrachan
Professor of the Practice
Computer Science

Robert Duvall
Computer Science

Andrew D. Hilton
Assistant Professor of the Practice
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Susan H. Rodger
Professor of the Practice
Computer Science

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